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'Blasting brutal Death Metal in our very own Eastern terrorizing style' - in that words musicians of Malaysian Necrotic Chaos speak of themselves. Thank you very much and kneel! It's Asian tall of Krisiun. Moreover - Moses' band might feel endangered!

Necrotic Chaos rapes ears with awsome blasts. Their music is technical as hell and brutal as rape on a nun! Sometimes, in their mercy, NC slows down to thrill us with some solos. First track, secon, third... The head goes up and down in rhythm of incoming hell hits. 'Cause such a 'Perilous...' wrings neck with lungs! All instruments are incredibly legible, despite all the rawness and hell, which slowly drips with blood from speakers. The only blame is the quality of vocal, which is hidden under the massive, full of sulfur riffs.

No further questions! Necrotic Chaos has big balls and if that band won't leave underground some day it'll be a great loss for extreme music. If you fuck yourself up while listening to Krisiun, you should get 'Regime Grotesque'!

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This is it! Their very first album after more than a decade of existence. Yes, "Regime Grotesque" is the title of Malaysia`s Necrotic Chaos album. 8 tracks are featured in this album (including one instrumental) which in my opinion are quite chaotic. Brutal Death Metal is what they are playing and I must say that I`m impressed with this release.The band are heavily influenced by Morbid Angel,Death,a little Cannibal Corpse etc..

They managed to create some brutal parts in most of the songs. I can hear almost all the riffs(thanks to the great production courtesy of Nebiula Sound Recording). Great vocal work by Adik and brilliant blistering solos by Jadam.

Some songs that worth listening are the title track(Regime Grotesque), Necrochemical Suicide, Necrotic Chaos(a lust macabre). The album comes with a great artwork by Desmond Sia (Impiety,Angelcorpse, Abhorrence etc).

This album is undoubtedly the best Death Metal album ever released by a Malaysian band since the legendary "Conception Of Madness" by Sil Khannaz!

4.5/5 - Firdaus Dunkelheit

Firdaus Dunkelheit -


Sebuah kumpulan yang tidak boleh disangkal kehebatannya...wujudnya sekian lama, reputasinya tak pernah jatuh...asas yang dibina sejak awal kemunculan mereka tidak pernah goyah dan masih setia dengan apa yang mereka lakukan sebelum ini. Necrotic Chaos antara kumpulan yang mengetuai kumpulan-kumpulan hebat daripada Ipoh kini muncul dengan album pertama yang pastinya membunuh!!!...

Cover album yang cukup kejam dihasilkan oleh pengilustrasi yang cukup dikenali untuk cover Impiety, Desmond Sia... Membawakan muzik Brutal Death Metal yang begitu nyata... permainan gitar yang cukup bingit tiada sebarang melodik ditambah dengan solo Jadam yang cukup unik dan mengasyikan lari daripada solo tipikal Brutal Death Metal. Sumber utama ke brutal an mereka datangnya daripada drummer yang cukup hebat dan begitu bertenaga, permainan yang cukup membunuh!!!... membunuh elemen statik drum mewujudkan permainan yang cukup brutal manggabungkan kepantasan dan kepelbagaian... terhasilnya muzik yang tidak semata-mata memaparkan ke brutalan yang tanpa arah tujuan... Muzik Brutal mereka dihasilkan dengan muzik yang pintar...

Album yang cukup ganas dan membunuh.....Ipoh Metal Militants menyerang lagi dan terus mengganas!!!!

5/5 - Pikrama

Pikrama -


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